Clients have written or said the following about Jeannie’s Coaching:

Individual Coaching

Jeannie has the rare gift of combining in-depth thoughtfulness and awareness with a focus on practical outcomes. In our work together she has been a superb motivator and coach - both of individuals and action learning groups. Jeannie has an enormous wealth of experience working with very diverse groups of individuals.
— Ralph Lewis, Programme Director at London Business School
I have become much more aware of who I am and how I behave. I was quite surprised by how I have been perceived by others. I had some blind spots but I feel much stronger than before because I am more aware of things. I am better equipped now. I have a sense of why it went a certain way. It is good to have a feeling to be more under control. Yes the coaching was a very helpful experience.
— Senior Executive
Jeannie delivered excellent coaching and has enabled me to clearly identify my deep feelings and beliefs regarding my next personal and professional step. This was a decisive step helping me and my husband to clarify what we deeply wanted. Since that session, many things have been started. Jeannie knows how to guide my thinking process without influencing it. She enabled me to get deep insights.
— Senior Executive
This is just to let you know about some progress. Today, I succeeded in writing an email to an executive VP that I don’t know, within 10 minutes without having sweaty palms (a little in fact!).
This was possible because of our discussions and your advice to make a journal.
Before starting I took two minutes to write questions:
−      Is it important to me
−      Are there any risks
−      What are the opportunities and expected benefit
−      What if it is a mistake
−      What if it is NOT a mistake
Then I did it quickly and didn’t wait until tomorrow to send it.
Thank you!
— Senior Manager Sanofi
 Didn’t take the easy option - kept digging down into answers. Very friendly and genuine.
— Senior Executive 

Team Coaching

Excellent - very calming and supporting and asks the right and relevant questions to get you to find solutions. Brilliant at making group feel comfortable to open up.
— Manager - Roche
Excellent! ‘Steps back’, listens, let us all contribute and then asks good questions which make us reflect more.
— Senior Executive - Swedbank
Jeannie is good in giving feedback and guiding us to view ourselves from different angles.
— Senior Executive