Who am I?

I have worked as a leadership coach and trainer for over 30 years. I  work with people from all over the world face to face, on the phone or via Skype.

I work with senior managers within global organisations as well as SMEs, Headteachers working in Trusts (MAT), and 4th Year medical students. I work with people who want to explore more sustainable ways of living and working.

I have worked for 14 years as an Executive Coach at London Business School with Senior Leaders. I also run my own company in Coaching and Development.  I have designed and delivered numerous year long Leadership Development Programmes (for example with NHS and Devon County Council). I work with leaders from large global corporations and from a wide variety of sectors e.g. Sanofi, Roche, Mars, Johnson Matthey, Peninsula Medical School, University of Exeter and UWE (University of West of England). I also work on Executive MBA programmes. 

Prior to becoming an executive coach, I worked for a large pharmaceutical company (The Wellcome Foundation / GSK), providing a training, development and consultancy service for senior managers and professionals, both within the UK and internationally. My work included managing and promoting culture change, designing and directing a performance appraisal programme globally, lecturing and running training courses in the States and Europe, team building, and managing and delivering areas of the central training portfolio. 

I am a qualified drama teacher and drama therapist with a history of working with women, and assertiveness. 

I have a long standing mindfulness practice. I live on Dartmoor, and am conscious of the need to take care of Earth.

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When we take the time to reflect and to clarify our deeper purpose, to take stock of our strengths, and commit to taking action, we release an unstoppable force into the world.

I believe in life-long learning and that people have the ability to solve many of their own problems within a context where they are deeply listened to. I have courageous, authentic conversations with people to help them make important discoveries and decisions which support them in achieving their goals and improving their relationships.

Weirdly it can be our own inner voices and habitual ways of thinking and behaving that hold us back.

At first I felt rather nervous when Jeannie explained some of the exercises but when I did them, they were fantastically effective and actually great fun. The work with Jeannie has made a real difference. I am now more self-aware and able to lead with more impact and choices, and to learn from reflecting on what I do. My team has noticed the changes in me and as a team, we are now more motivated and more able to work creatively.
— Feedback from client

My Qualifications

MA in Psychological Coaching (London South Bank University), 

Diploma in Executive Coaching (EMCC from the Academy of Executive Coaching), 

MA in Manpower Studies (Westminster University), 

BA (Hons) in Sociology, 

Drama Therapy Diploma, 

Drama Teaching qualification (PGCE). 

I am an Honorary University Fellow at Peninsula Medical School, University of Plymouth.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. 

MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

Firo Foundations 

Point Positive (Focuses on identifying your strengths and using these more often)

NEO PI-R ("Big 5" Personality Factor Model)

Hogan Assessment Profiles (also linked to "Big 5" model) 

MSCEIT emotional intelligence test. 

I am qualified to debrief 360 reports (the CCL 360 instrument and the PDI 360 tool).  

Mindset - what is it?

Your mindset is the particular lens you use to look at the world and make sense of it. It is comprised of beliefs, idea, judgements attitudes and values. We all have one; it is impossible not to have one. We can learn to be more conscious of what our particular lens is, and when it serves us and when it does not. 

In working with me, you will investigate what are you saying to yourself that enables you to excel; and when is your internal chatter holding you back. You can experiment with how to adapt your mindset to be more coherent and authentic. 

In looking at the Ladder of Inference (Chris Argyris) below, begin from the bottom of the ladder and work upwards.