Becoming The Best Leader you can be in your situation

Are you a leader who wants to develop your skills so you become even more effective and motivational?

My clients usually face a particular challenge, such as how to:

  • inspire and influence

  • manage change

  • manage up

  • develop a wider range of communication styles.

They often report that through coaching with me they gain a greater sense of freedom, a clarity of direction, and a more powerful presence with other people. 

They appreciate working with a coach who they can be completely open with. (It can be lonely at the top!) They value a space that is totally dedicated to their own thinking and reflections. They appreciate being guided by a coach who listens and asks challenging questions. 

The people I coach learn to stop and reflect before acting habitually. They become more intimate with their own wisdom. They come to trust that they can experiment with how they behave. Not least, they gain greater confidence and act with greater awareness. 

I offer you the opportunity to explore how you bring more of yourself into the workplace. You can then achieve truly excellent and lasting results.

Example of how I work with a leadership coachee

The majority of all my leadership coaching starts with a 360 report debrief. A 360 report is written for a leader by their direct reports, peers, seniors, clients and others who give feedback about the leader”s strengths and development areas. Using this tool, my clients achieve improved insight into how they are perceived by others; studies show that people are generally poor at understanding accurately how they are perceived by others and where their blind spots are. Through personality inventories, and the 360 report they can identify their strengths and development areas. This leads to each individual writing an action plan with 1 - 3 key behavioural goals (small changes for big effects) that would make a meaningful difference for them and their team / organisation now and in the future. I have debriefed over 20,000, 360 reports in my coaching career; I find it a powerful and constructive tool for leaders to use in the process of their development.